Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Years CK Buffalo Page Layout Entry

Going to CK Buffalo again this year! Great time, I hope the economy has not put a damper on the event. Once again, I have put together 2 layouts for submission................Luv to try and win some sweet prezzies!!!!!
So, last year this was my page layout. I had fun putting it prezzies....but I'm trying again this year. Wish me luck!!!!!!
This year we are going for 3 nights.....2 nights were just not enough. We are real pro's at this now. We have a cooler on wheels.......we pack lots of food and snacks, baggies for transporting and of course our alcohol for the end of the night wind down.........that's when we get to really look at all of the great things we made and bought!!!!! I will be sure to post after that event.

So here are some views of my 2008 submission! Hope you "like".


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