Sunday, September 6, 2009


Want to save a bit of money so use can use it on things you can "SEE"......well have I got a great product for you!!!!! The UHU stic, Photo Glue Stick. Non toxic and acid free.

A little story first: the last crop I was at I finished off 3 tape runners......could not believe it!!!! And I'm sure you can imagine I was none to happy!!!!!!

And then came along this fab glue stick.....................I am so impressed!!!!!!! It is acid free, is a nice size for managing, goes a looooooooooooooooong way, and "SO" cost effective!!!!!!
So I have posted pics of one of my books that I made last night. I also used the bind-it-all (gotta love that baby also!)

So back to the know how sometimes the paper does not quite get layed down straight?????? How mad does that make you???? You peel it up and opppppssss tear away the bottom layer......................WELL......this glue is actually repositionable for enough time to move things around without causing any damage!!!! LUV LUV LUV IT!!!!

So last night I made two albums (YES TWO)......the only adhesive I used was the small glue stick!!!!! Look at the pic to see how much of it is left!!!!!

Seriously, you really need to give this product a try! Think about all of the other goodies you can purchase with your saved money!!!!!

Embellishments or bellies as I like to call them................and then I call myself the "Belly Queen"............and it ain't because of the abs!!! LOL.

Here you will see the little book I made about husband and I love to golf and I thought "WOW", I need to make a little book just about what we do when we disappear for 6--7 hours at a time!~!!!~~~ LOL again!!!!!!!

If you would like any other info on this "AMAZING" glue, please check it out at, possibly you might even score a free sample to try it for yourself.
Highly recommended!!!!!!!

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